Clerk of Chambers

Clerk of Chambers: Andrew Sartori
Telephone: 02 8067 0782

Andrew Sartori is the Clerk of Chambers and responsible for handling all clerking and administrative services in relation to Chambers and its members.

Andrew is able to provide direct assistance in relation to the practice areas, diary management or fee structures for all Barristers at Marbury Chambers. He can also provide guidance on enquiries regarding briefs on specific matters and handles all Readership applications to the floor, as well as any other correspondence relating to Marbury Chambers’ Barristers and their practices. 

Andrew is presently completing a Juris Doctor degree with a passion for advocacy in both criminal and civil jurisdictions. He is the current President of the university society for postgraduates and plays an active role in providing students with extracurricular social engagement. His particular interest in Intellectual Property law in the entertainment industry is well known within Chambers and pursued as a specialisation as part of his law degree.

Andrew is a current member of the New South Wales Barristers’ Clerks Association and a student member of the Queensland Law Society. You can find Andrew on LinkedIn here.

Please contact Andrew for further assistance or any general enquiries. 

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