Juris Laucis

Juris Laucis
Juris Laucis | Barrister

Juris Laucis graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Australian National University. Subsequently, Juris has been extensively involved in criminal trials and appellate matters in New South Wales and other jurisdictions, both as prosecutor and as defence Counsel.

Juris is a survivor from the last century, having been admitted in Victoria on April Fools’ Day 1966.

Juris started off as a Prosecutor, where he prosecuted approximately 100 murder cases and other serious offences.

Juris came to the Sydney Bar in 1971. In 1990, Juris joined the Office of the New South Wales Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and ran the Supreme Court Bails Section for close to a decade before returning to the private bar in the year 2000. Juris was instrumental in bringing about some amendments to the Bail Act 1978 (NSW).

Juris was a Principal Crown Prosecutor in the Northern Territory for a short time and more recently has been a Crown Prosecutor in Western Australia.

Currently, Juris is at the private Bar in New South Wales, based in Marbury Chambers, and mainly practises criminal law as well as taking on some civil law matters.

You may engage Juris Laucis by contacting the Clerk of Chambers or by contacting Juris Laucis directly.

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