Peter Lavac
Peter Lavac
Peter Lavac | Barrister

Peter Lavac practises exclusively in criminal law, including sentencing matters and trials.

From 1976 to 1986, Peter Lavac practised as a Solicitor in Sydney – in private practise, with the Commonwealth Crown Solicitor’s Office and for Legal Aid in New South Wales. From 1986 until 2003, Peter Lavac practised as a Barrister in Hong Kong. From 2004 until now, Peter Lavac has practised as a Barrister at the New South Wales private criminal bar.

Solicitors may brief Peter Lavac by contacting the Clerk of Chambers or by contacting Peter Lavac directly.

T: 02 9024 9520

F: 02 9024 9521

E: Peter Lavac

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