Peter Linegar

Peter Linegar
Peter Linegar | Barrister
Peter is a Sydney based Barrister and has been in continuous practice in the law for more than 30 years. Peter specializes in criminal law appearing in all Courts and jurisdictions in NSW- ranging from the Local Court to the District and Supreme Courts and Court of Criminal Appeal and he also has appeared extensively before the AAT, ICAC and Australian and NSW Crime Commissions and other Government regulatory bodies.

Peter has appeared for the Crown as both solicitor employed by the DPP and as a Crown Prosecutor conducting trials and sentence hearings.

As Defence Counsel, Peter has represented defendants in some 80-100 jury and judge alone trials and conducted numerous sentence and appeal hearings across the broad spectrum of the criminal law.

Solicitors may brief Peter Linegar by contacting the Clerk of Chambers or by contacting Peter Linegar directly.

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